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GAF summary

Found 25582 annotations in 25598 lines.

GAF Validation Summary Errors are reported first.

For rule GO_AR:0000014 ( Valid GO term ID, there are 2 violations with type Error.

GAF Prediction Summary

Found 4 predictions, see prediction file for details.

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OWLTools check

#Line number RuleID ViolationType Message Line
# Validation for #25582 annotations in 25598 lines
#Line number RuleID ViolationType Message Line
# GO_AR:0000014 Valid GO term ID Error count: 2
19707 GO_AR:0000014 Error The id 'GO:0000989' in the annotation is an obsolete class UniProtKB O42252 LDB1 GO:0000989 GO_REF:0000107 IEA UniProtKB:P70662|ensembl:ENSMUSP00000139562 F LIM domain-binding protein 1 LDB1 protein taxon:9031 20180714 Ensembl
23518 GO_AR:0000014 Error The id 'GO:0001190' in the annotation is an obsolete class UniProtKB Q5ZL67 NFE2L1 GO:0001190 GO_REF:0000107 IEA UniProtKB:Q61985|ensembl:ENSMUSP00000080467 F Endoplasmic reticulum membrane sensor NFE2L1 NFE2L1 protein taxon:9031 20180714 Ensembl


GO:0032259 methylation AnnotationPropagation P GO:0046539 histamine N-methyltransferase activity IDA
GO:0097223 sperm part FoldBasedPredictor GO:0005623 cell part_of CL:0000019 sperm IDA
GO:0005634 nucleus FoldBasedPredictor GO:1902596 negative regulation of DNA replication origin binding occurs_in GO:0005634 nucleus IMP
GO:0005829 cytosol FoldBasedPredictor GO:0051219 phosphoprotein binding occurs_in GO:0005829 cytosol occurs_in UBERON:0000993 oviduct IPI

Predictions (experimental)